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Ideas for decorating bathroom: updated guide 2020

Are you a little scared to renew the look of your bathroom? It’s natural. So if you lack decorative ideas for your bathroom, don’t panic! In a few simple tips we will suggest our best ideas to refresh this room without opting for heavy renovation work.

When it comes to imagining decorative ideas for a bathroom, we fear the amount of work required to modernize this room. You will see that by focusing on appropriate materials and a few stylish accessories, it is possible to transform this space into a designer, contemporary or Zen bathroom, at low cost.

Update your bathroom with a few brushstrokes

All specialty TV shows talk about it, the key to a successful transformation is often a skillful brushstroke. Whether you choose to apply a special resin to cover old-fashioned tiles or a classic paint to revisit the color of your walls, with suitable materials you can change the look of your bathroom for a low price. Be careful however, be sure to choose a product suitable for damp rooms, you will avoid the proliferation of molds and you will make life easier in relation to cleaning.

In addition to the main mirror placed above the sink, perhaps you could place new ones in addition? For example, if you hang barber mirrors, a very trendy accessory today, you will multiply the impression of space in the room by making it brighter. Not to be overlooked in your selection of special bathroom decor ideas!

We understand that you do not want to break everything, it is anxiety-provoking and dust generator at will. So, to renew your old floor, why not opt ​​for a PVC coating? In a version suitable for damp rooms, these materials have nothing to do with old linoleums from grandmothers. We find all kinds, declining very current decorative effects such as waxed concrete, parquet or cement tiles.

Always keep in mind that green is a color to banish from the bathroom on pain of ill looks when you wake up. However, soft greens, very fashionable today, like sage, lichen, almond or olive tones … can bring a lot of freshness and brightness to your room. Especially if you combine them with other very clear decorative elements or white, for example. Classic and chic, the blue and white or “sea” theme continues to be present in the decor ideas of today’s bathrooms. For their part, light-colored walls will amplify the impression of space in the room. Light colors are also interesting in the bathroom because they provide an immediate good-looking effect. For that, bet preferably on soft and warm nuances like the salmon pink, the coral or the nuance terra cotta, very fashionable. For a more secret atmosphere, you will choose duck blue, aubergine or anthracite shades… a decorative effect guaranteed for a unique bathroom.

Do not tremble in the face of your bathroom makeover, our decor ideas will give you a projection of what could look like your new and beautiful body of water.