Kitchen Decorations

Ideas for cooking: 2020 trend

Today, we offer you ideas for cooking, in 36 inspiring photos of beautiful kitchens! With the trends in photos on Pinterest, Instagram and others that never cease to impress us, combined with a lot of time spent at home during the holidays, it’s normal to want to revamp everything in our house. Certain parts of the house must absolutely be renovated, while others can wait. Let’s settle the kitchen file, which is one of the safest investments in home renovation …

Before you start, you must establish your budget (with a contingency of 15% min), then think about what you lack from a practical point of view, as well as the space available for its future development: you want enlarge, or keep the current space for your kitchen? Whether to make it warmer, more efficient or simply to give it a more imposing character, I hope that by reading this article you will have your head full of ideas for this future renovation of which you can be proud!

Wood panels in the kitchen
Arranged in a kitchen, decorative wooden panels provide a unique, original, and even very dynamic decor. They are simple and understated, but they make all the difference. They are found on the cupboards, on the island and on the ceiling. A flashy look is guaranteed with this kind of coating. Here are ideas for the kitchen that will make you want to completely cover the house with wooden panels!